Notary Public in Thailand

A notary is an official that the state authorizes to authenticate signatures or documents, or witness affidavits and statements of persons under oath. Lawyers licensed by the Thai Lawyers Council of Thailand can act as notaries.

Documents notarized by a notary are considered valid internationally. This is especially true if they are submitted to foreign entities, like embassies or banks.

Authentication of Documents

Any individual or organization requiring that legal documents or contracts be authenticated, will need to engage the services of a notary. Notary publics are officials that the government recognizes to verify a signature, witness and affirm certain documents with stamps or seals, administer oaths and other duties. In Thailand the Attorneys Council of Thailand has a regulation that allows certain attorneys to become notaries and to be recognized as such. Notaries are often required when purchasing property, conducting international business or relocating to another country.

As Thailand is not a member of the Hague Convention on the Legalization of Documents (or Apostille) many foreign documents require that they be verified or authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand or at the Embassy of the country where the document will be presented. We can provide notary and translation services at one convenient location on Wireless Road close to most embassies. Our notaries can verify and certify your documents, professionally translate them and have them ready for presentation in no time.

Attestation of Documents

Documents need to be attested for a variety of reasons. This is a process of verifying the legitimacy of a document or signature by an unbiased third party, such as a notary public. Attestations are used in a wide range of fields, including legal documents, passport applications, property ownership, and even criminal record checks.

A Notary is an unbiased third party that witnesses a person signing a document and authenticates the documents with a seal or stamp. They can also administer oaths. This ensures that the person who signed the document is who they say they are and that the document is authentic.

All personal certificates, academic or professional issued from India need to be attested before being submitted to the Embassy of Thailand in New Delhi. This is a long process that starts with the notary and includes state level attestation followed by Ministry of External Affairs attestation. All this is done by an experienced team of a Notary Services Attorney at ABC Asian legal service co. ltd.

Certification of Names and Addresses

As Thailand is a business hub and home to many foreigners, there are many situations where a document needs to be verified as authentic. For this reason, Notary Public services are needed. Notaries verify the identity of people signing a document, witness that they signed it voluntarily and that they understood the contents of the document.

The notary also affixes their seal to the document in order to give it legal recognition. This is particularly important when a document needs to be presented to a foreign institution, like banks or foreign embassies in Thailand.

While Thailand does not have a formal system of Notaries Public, some lawyers are authorized to function as Notarial Services Attorneys. These attorneys are regulated by the Lawyers Council of Thailand and undergo a professional training course to be qualified as notaries. Notary Services are commonly requested by individuals, property buyers or sellers, legal professionals and international businesses or organizations. GAM Legal Alliance can notarize documents for those who need them for various purposes.

Legalization of Documents

If you need to use a document abroad, the authority that requires it may ask for it to be legalised. This means that it must have a special type of stamp or sticker attached to it, known as an Apostille, which confirms the signature is genuine and that the official who signed it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to do so.

Depending on the country where you want to use the document, you may also need to have it professionally translated and certified. Once the translation has been done, you must take both the original and the certified translated document to the consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have it legalised.

Fortunately, many professional registered translation companies offer both certification and legalisation services, making it easier for you to get your documents recognised overseas. We can help you with this process for documents originating from the UK or Ireland, as well as those destined for Thailand.

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